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Strategic Intelligence Assessment [SIA]

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The Concept of Strategic Intelligence

Due to the acknowledged importance of Strategy in the private and public sectors TLS has developed the Strategic Intelligence Model (SIM). The SIM seeks to develop an understanding of what constitutes Strategic Intelligence.

The Model takes advantage of the current literature, research and strategic facilitation experience of TLS and identifies five key criteria which underpin Strategic Intelligence.

Strategic Intelligence Model

Strategic Intelligence Model

Each segment 'Criteria' above comprises of three capabilities, within each of which there are four behaviours.

What is the Strategic Intelligence Assessment?

The Strategic Intelligence Assessment (SIA) is a 360º feedback report developed by Team Leadership Services to assist leaders in their aim to be more strategic.

It is designed to provide recipients with specific practical information on their Strategic Intelligence development needs.

SIA Profile

It compares how individuals, their supervisor, their colleagues and staff perceive their strategic intelligence. The SIA feedback report also provides helpful tailored guidance on how participants might modify their strategic intelligence behaviours and thus improve their overall leadership.

The SIA provides feedback on:

  • An individual's behaviour against the five 'capability clusters', and against the separate 'capabilities' within each cluster. Thus there are 15 capabilities in total, with each being rated through four questionnaire items, giving a total of 60 questions.
  • The Assessment also provides written feedback on an individual's perceived strategic contributions over the last six months; their training and development needs; as well as some suggestions on how they might improve their strategic leadership performance.

An accompanying 'Development Guide' ensures participants go through the feedback, arriving at an effective personal development action plan.


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